Crochet Moss Stitch Tutorial

With the free instruction below, you can learn how to crochet moss stitch immediately! It’s been named the linen stitch, sand stitch, and granite stitch, but they’re all the same crochet pattern. Whatever you name it, this stitch will produce a lovely crochet piece every time it is used.

Crochet Moss Stitch is simple to learn since it just requires fundamental stitches such as single crochets and chains.

If you know how to crochet these two stitches, you may quickly learn how to do a moss stitch in crochet designs and produce a design like the Jane Blanket.

How to Crochet a Moss Stitch

How to Crochet a Moss Stitch

In a row, the moss stitch is made by alternating single crochet and chain stitches. For example, in the first row, single crochet, skip the next chain, and chain one across.

The second row immediately after the pattern would be performed by chaining two, then single crocheting into the chain spaces made the previous row, skipping a stitch, and chaining one.

You’d then continue with the second row, which is our repeat row for the rest of the pattern, to make a simple crochet moss stitch pattern.

Crochet Moss Stitch

Learn more about the single crochet stitches and chain stitches needed to make a moss stitch below.

Crochet (sc):

  • Hook into the second chain or allocated stitch from front to back.
  • Pull the yarn back through the chain (or stitch) from back to front (YO) (2 loops on hook).
  • YO and drag both loops on the hook through.

Chain (ch):

  • A simple crochet stitch that is frequently used as the foundation for other crochet patterns that are worked into items.

Form a slip knot.

  • Insert hook into slip knot point first, then bring yarn across hook shaft from back to front and grab it with hook throat.
  • Hook the yarn through the slip knot and onto the hook. This action will result in one chain stitch.
  • Steps two and three should be repeated until you have the necessary number of stitches for a pattern. Only one loop will remain on the hook.

Let’s Get Started

For a more in-depth description of a crochet moss stitch, see the step-by-step image instruction and written pattern below. Following the tutorial, you’ll discover a few free moss stitch patterns, as well as a section on crocheting in the round with a moss stitch.

Scroll down to learn how to construct the moss stitch in a flat row, as well as a few free moss stitch patterns and how to crochet a moss stitch in the round.


  • Any yarn or yarn weight will do. For this tutorial, I’m using Lion Brand’s Pound of Love medium weight (or worsted weight) yarn.
  • Crochet Hook that matches the yarn size. For this instruction, I’m going to use a 5 mm (H-8) crochet hook.

Crochet Stitches & Abbreviations

  • sc (s) = single crochet (s)
  • ch (s) = chain (s)
  • st (s) = stitch (es)
  • sk = skip
  • rep = repeat


  • The ch 2 at the start of the row counts as a stitch.
  • The pattern is in normal US terminology.
  • To make an even moss stitch design, use an even number of chains for your starting (foundation) ch or a multiple of 2.

Moss Stitch Instructions (GIFT PHOTO)


Moss Stitch Tutorial (Written)

  • Start: Foundation Row: Any even number
  • Row 1: Sc in the 4th ch from the hook, *ch 1, sk next ch, 1 sc in next ch, rep from * across, turn.
  • Row 2: Ch 2, sk first sc, *1 sc in next ch 1 space, ch 1, sk next sc, rep from * across ending with 1 sc in the turning ch, turn.
  • Row 3 – ?: Rep row 2.

I hope this moss stitch instruction was helpful. Please contact me with any questions or comments. More information is available here.

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