Crochet Sousplat Doily Free Pattern

How to make the lovely crochet sousplat doily for all of your year-round festivals and celebrations. This lovely dolly is simple to construct and will look lovely in your home.


The diameter of this crochet sousplat doily is 43 cm. 150g of yarn, a 3.5mm crochet hook, scissors, and a tapestry needle number 14 (may also be a sewing needle) are required.

As seen in the free video instruction, you can easily add to this doily to make it as large as you desire.

Watch this free video tutorial to learn how to crochet a sousplat doily. Keep scrolling for a supplies list and decorating suggestions.

Crochet Sousplat Doily Free Pattern

The knitting supplies you need to prepare are:

  • Lion Brand Yarn,
  • Clover Crochet Hook,
  • Interchangeable Knitting Needles,
  • Clover Needle Set,
  • Clover Key Ring Markers,
  • Stainless Steel Sewing Scissors,
  • Blocking Mat for Knitting
  • And this amazing Handheld Steamer.

The finished product’s size and total amount of yarn used may vary depending on the size of your stitches. You can be creative with your doily colors over the holiday season.

Make the doilies in brilliant red or green for Christmas, or gold and silver for New Year’s celebrations.

The crochet sousplat doily has a purpose besides from appearing very nice in your home. These lovely crochet sousplat doilies protect the delicate wood or granite material used in your dressers, living room and dining room tables, or bedside stands.

The granny pattern appears to be beautiful and intricate, but if you follow along with the lesson, you will find that the nuances in knitting this attractive blanket are not as tough as they appear.

Crochet Sousplat Doily Free

It’s a lovely pattern that will look wonderful on anyone or anything.

Flowers, statues, antiques, or your plates and dining table utensils can be placed on top of your beautiful sousplat doilies, and your tables will remain not only flawless but also attractive.

When it comes to crocheting the crochet sousplat doily, the sky is the limit! You can crochet the doily in any hue and it will still look lovely.

I also recommend using fine yarn and yarn with a glitter thread in it to make the crochet doilies stand out from the solid hues. The doilies sparkle in the sunlight and are simply lovely!

Video crochet sousplat doily

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