Tutorial Knitting Circular Yoke For Baby Dress

How to knit circular yoke for baby dress. This pattern is incredibly simple to create, and the finished product is absolutely stunning.


Knit a circular yoke for baby winter outfits or jumpers. This lovely design is a blend of purl and loops. The end result is thick, dense fiber with a leaf pattern on it. This pattern also allows for some flexibility. You can make this knit circle yokein in whatever color you wish.

What could be better for your baby girl than a knit circular yoke baby dress? Nothing, correct?

Crochet and knitting supplies include:

Lion Brand Yarn, Clover Crochet Hook, Interchangeable Knitting Needles, Clover Needle Set, Clover Lock Ring Markers, Stainless Steel Sewing Scissors, Knitting Blocking Mats, and this wonderful Handheld Steamer

Components :

Tutorial Knitting Circular Yoke

You’ll need 100 grams of acrylic yarn and knitting needles in sizes 3 and 0 mm to make this lovely knit circular yoke. You will have 11 leaves at the conclusion of this design. However, you can raise the number of rapport if you want to expand the size.

How do you make a Knit Circular Yoke?

Knit a circular yoke

At the end of your knitting needle, tie a cable or wire. The wire will assist you in creating a spherical pattern. Make a loop and wrap it around the thread. Make at least 91 loops this way. Make an additional 98 loops around the wire.

After such a typographic edge, you must knit two rows of hollow elastic.

The first row of the first loop should be removed. So, before you begin knitting, you must remove the loops by knitting into them.

You will be assigned to the first row. Remove the loops from this row as well, and you’ll have your second row.

These two rows provide a lovely typographic edge.

You will be given 9 rows. The height of these rows will be around 2 1/2 millimeters.

Change the knitting needles and insert 3.25mm knitting needles into the pattern. Knit the loops to get the first row.

Knit at least 9 rows of loops using purl stitches.

Once you’ve completed half of the pattern, sew the yoke’s two edges together. Continue knitting the knit loops together, then purl there and turn.

Then, with a front loop, knit two together. You can combine the two edges in the shape of a circle by following this procedure.

Make this lovely knit circular yoke for your baby girl’s clothing and delight her with this wonderful handmade gift.


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