Make Knitting Embossed Stitches on Dresses and More

In this article, we are going to learn about knitting embossed stitches which are very easy to make and will definitely make your winter clothes look really cool. You can also use this tutorial on scarves and hats.

Create Very Unique Embossed Knitted Stitches

Unique Embossed Knitted Stitches

Knitting embossed stitches are used by many people for a variety of reasons and the most prominent of which is to add beauty to your knitting projects. Besides giving the fabric a very dense look and of course it will be very comfortable and warm in winter. This crochet embossed pattern consists of 4 loops and 12 rows in the same schem

To be able to make this knitted embossed stitch, you don’t need special skills because it is very easy to apply. The tutorials given are very detailed and can help you to make a very nice gift for your loved ones.

Knitting supplies you must prepare:

  • Lion Brand Yarn,
  • Clover Crochet Hook,
  • Interchangeable Knitting Needles,
  • Clover Needle Set,
  • Clover Key Ring Markers,
  • Stainless Steel Sewing Scissors,
  • This amazing Blocking Mat for Knitting and Handheld Steamer.

Tips and materials

Embossed Knitted Stitches

First, grab your yarn and knitting needle, then start by making the pivot crochet. Here you need to turn the loop multiple of four along with the two edges to be able to knit in a circle. You will follow the same pattern for all multiples of the number of four loops but without the edges.

Knitting Embossed Stitch Pattern

Knitting is done the same in all multiples of four the number of loops.

Next, knit in circular rows and twist 14 loops here. Make 3 ties for the 12 loops and 2 edges to make our first row.

Then, remove the edges and knit a purl loop.

Once you are done with removing the loops, put the 4th loop in the crochet and knit all the front ties. Go ahead and repeat this pattern and release the loop again. Do not tighten the thread.

Knit a circle with 2 front ties and 3 more. Next knit the last loop from the edge and purl that’s what you have now.

Now unroll and knit the 2nd row. Knit the 3rd row and remove the ends. This row will be knitted like the first.

Do not knit loops 1, 2 and 3, knit the next stitch with the front and do not pull the working thread.

Rapport and remove three loops. Knit the front fourth loop.

Knit the edges with purl work. Now knit purl all rows. By following the same pattern, you will get a total of 5 rows. The first part of the pattern is done now, then knit the 7th row and remove the edge loops. Knit 2 front loops at the beginning of the row.

Knit in front of the hinges and remove the three face loops without knitting. Knit the front loop again by working the thread in front of the loop. Now remove the 2 loops so you will only have one loop.

In the end, you will get a total of 12 rows.



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