Knitting Pocket For Any Sweater

Watch this free video tutorial to learn how to work this unique knitting pocket! Continue reading for hints on how to perfect the tight pocket method.


This magnificent knitting pocket has a tight and constant design that assures the pocket has no holes or defects. If you enable subtitles or captions for the video in English or your preferred language, the instructions are quite simple.

This knitting stitch pattern is simple to follow and can be used to make a sweater or cardigan for both men and women.

The knitting kit is:

  • Lion Brand Yarn,
  • Clover Crochet Hook,
  • Interchangeable Knitting Needles,
  • Clover Needle Set,
  • Clover Key Ring Markers,
  • Stainless Steel Sewing Scissors,
  • This amazing Blocking Mat for Knitting and Handheld Steamer.

This compartment is ideal for knitted sweaters and cardigans.

Knitting Pocket Suggestions

This knitting stitch is quite elastic, which makes it useful since it holds shape well and produces a durable fabric that can be used for a variety of tasks.

This knitting pocket can also be used to construct a knitted tote bag! It will undoubtedly hold all of your necessary to-go stuff!

Continue reading for more ways to incorporate this crocheted pocket into your favorite knitting projects!


You may make a gorgeous knitted cardigan for a father, brother, grandfather, or any important gentleman in your life using these handy-dandy knitting pockets! You may even embellish it with buttons!

Knit a pretty cute cardigan for your child. This pocket is ideal for children’s sweaters or cardigans since it has a tight-air resistant structure and the pockets may be utilized to keep their hands warm on colder days!


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